Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Did We Call This or What? Trista Debuts Her Post-Baby Bikini Bod

Remember when body-hating new mom Trista Sutter re-appeared from reality TV obscurity to talk about how desperate she was to lose her baby weight? She told Us magazine that her goal was to be thin by the new year! And remember when we predicted that Sutter would be out of those shlumpy sweatpants for her follow-up mommy makeover cover in January? Well, here you go...

So how did she do it? In October she said that her awesome hubby was "supporting" her weight loss by wagging his finger at her every time she went to eat something she shouldn't. If that isn't a winning diet strategy, we don't know what it is!

But seriously, folks. This baby weight loss obsession has gotten completely out of hand. And we really hate that we were right about this one. Magazines have found a bankable strategy: "inspiring" insecure new moms with stories of celebrities who get back to their pre-baby weight at light speed (with the help of expensive trainers, nutritionists and nannies, of course). So when other moms can't manage to keep up with the stars' diets, they end up feeling more insecure--and wallets-out-hungry for the next miracle mommy makeover story. Because maybe that one will work for them.

Now can we just talk about this picture for a sec? It's all about Trista'a hot bod, isn't it? She's holding her baby like he's a free weight, for cripes sake. Little dude doesn't care how much his mom weighs. He probably just wants to get his hands into some sand.

P.S. We also mentioned Milla in our earlier post. She's now a proud mommy. And according to the ever-sensitive Daily Mail, "Enormous Milla is no more." Well, thank God for that.


merry said...

I was thinking about this exact thing as I had lunch last week with a friend, who gave birth to her first just 6 weeks ago. She was talking about how disgusting her body was and that her husband was never going to see her naked again. I was at a loss for words because I have not been there. I have my own body issues, for sure, but I became a mom by adopting an older child so I've never dealt with the postpartum issues. After years of infertility, I got tired of hearing people giving advice and saying they understood when they had never experienced anything like it. But magazine covers like this are totally unhelpful.

a. brown said...

It seems like magazines think women should look skinny even when they've got a 6-10 pound baby gestating in their midsections. They show them at a profile to emphasize how HUGE they are-- what else should they be? Maybe pre-pregnancy, women can get a lung and kidney removed on one side and push the uterus up that way. Just eat light and do those ab crunches, keep that little bundle of joy inside your ribcage until you can just hack him up. Geez.

emily said...

Who is Trista? Yet another benefit of not watching television.