Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fabricating Beauty--It's More Than Just Retouching

I attended a Dove self-esteem workshop for teens last night featuring the amazing Jess Weiner and Courtney Martin. They showed this video, which was developed by the UK eating disorders organization, beat. What I love about it (besides the cute British boy who gets a goth makeover) is that it addresses the many different ways fashion and beauty images are manipulated. Of course retouching is in the mix, but they also break down other tricks of the trade. Watch for a model's clothes being pinned and lighting changes that produce entirely different effects.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Book News: We're Writing One! Help Us By Sharing Your Input.

We're excited to announce that we have signed a deal with HCI to write a book about body image, pregnancy, and new motherhood.

It's no secret that we are pretty frustrated with all the appearance-related pressures facing pregnant women and new moms. Our book will explore those pressures, dispel some myths, and provide practical advice to help women cope with all the "lose the baby weight" messages without losing their minds. And that's where you come in.

We're calling on our network of readers, friends, and colleagues to share your experiences and opinions. Would you take a few minutes and fill out one of our surveys? Please add your comments within the surveys if our questions don't get to everything you want say on the topic!

Take this survey if you are a woman who does not have children yet or you do not plan to have children

Take this survey if you are currently pregnant

Take this survey if you are a mother who has given birth and you are not currently pregnant

Take this survey if your partner has given birth or she is currently pregnant

Three more ways you can be part of this project:

1. Contact us if you are willing to be interviewed for the book.
2. Forward this link to others who might be interested.
3. Publish this link on your blogs and websites and in your newsletters.

Thanks a million, people! As always, we appreciate your support and encouragement. We'll keep you updated on our progress as we move closer to the release date, which will be sometime in Fall 2009.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Is Christina Ricci in Training to Become an Eating Disorders Counselor?

Yes, we know we've been MIA. We have a big announcement coming soon that will explain the absence. But we're popping in for a quickie today because this little item grabbed our attention: There is word coming through the Hollywood gossip grapevine that Christina Ricci is in training to become an eating disorder counselor.

According to one source, "Christina went through hell and back growing up. For years she struggled with her self-esteem, so she knows how hard it is for young girls. [She hopes] to learn how she can help them get better without having to go through all the pain she did as a child."

The item states that Christina has "registered for online classes." Not exactly the road to a Ph.D., but there might be some level of certification she can obtain online. We're very curious indeed.

We both know that many, many individuals who work in the eating disorders treatment, prevention, and advocacy fields have personal experience with eating disorders. Our past suffering led us to this work, and helping others has allowed us to find purpose and meaning in the years of our lives that we once believed were wasted on our obsessions with food and weight. If Christina has truly gotten herself to a healthy place where she feels like she's ready to to reach out to those who need some hope and understanding, we say kudos. [Courier Mail]