Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fabricating Beauty--It's More Than Just Retouching

I attended a Dove self-esteem workshop for teens last night featuring the amazing Jess Weiner and Courtney Martin. They showed this video, which was developed by the UK eating disorders organization, beat. What I love about it (besides the cute British boy who gets a goth makeover) is that it addresses the many different ways fashion and beauty images are manipulated. Of course retouching is in the mix, but they also break down other tricks of the trade. Watch for a model's clothes being pinned and lighting changes that produce entirely different effects.


panda said...

You do know that Dove is part of the same company [Unilever] that makes Axe, whose ads are obviously not body image friendly, right?

It's nice to see body positive stuff but when it's coming from hypocrisy it's even worse than blatantly negative media, I think.

HB said...

Great video. I like how basic it is, because it makes the reality so very stark.

Thanks for posting this, I'll be stealing it for my blog ;)

Keep up the great work!

KC Elaine said...

thanks for sharing, this was a great video

HeatherBartlett said...

I'm with Panda. While I appreciate what the people involved with Dove are doing, it rings a bit hollow for me. Gangs of women running in bikinis and pole dancing in little school girl outfits...etc.

I blogged about it on my art site, which is dedicated to body image issues:

The Dirty Side of Dove