Monday, January 28, 2008

New Miss America Will Focus on Raising Awareness of Eating Disorders

Kirsten Haglund from Michigan was crowned Miss America on Saturday. The 19-year-old was diagnosed with anorexia when she was sixteen and says her disorder was triggered by pressures she felt when she was trying to become a professional ballerina. She plans to spend her "reign" educating others about the dangers of eating disorders.

To Kirsten's credit, she avoided talking specifics about her weight and eating behaviors in her interview with the Associated Press (although the reporter did throw in the shocking info that Kirsten actually ate the chocolates on her pillow in the hotel. OMG!). It would be great if she continued her outreach with the same savvy. We would also love to see her work in partnership with a reputable organization like the National Eating Disorders Association.

And of course we hope that Kirsten takes care of herself in her own recovery. Ballet is not the field to be in when you're trying to overcome anorexia, but the pageant circuit is no picnic either. [AP]

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shockkris said...

EDIN, the Eating Disorder Information Network is an organization that is dedicated to eating disorder prevention through education, awareness, and action. Through school outreach programs, we help young people learn to deal with stress in healthy ways, accept their body and that of their peers, and learn to live in a culture driven by unrealistic body images protrayed in the media. We would love to reach Miss America and tell her the story of hope that EDIN offers to young people.