Thursday, January 31, 2008

Body Hatred Baby Clothes

U.K. retail giant Tesco is selling these "Does my bum look big in this?" shirts for baby girls in size 3-6 months. Better hold off on that breast milk and formula, lil munchkin! Looks like you've got some...what do you call that? Oh, yeah. Baby fat.

I'm betting the mommies who are drawn to these shirts are probably so used to talking smack about their own bums that they're totally clueless about why it might be, I don't know, WRONG to hand down their body issues to their daughters in the form of a message tee. And one more thing: How would anyone's bum look big in a t-shirt, anyway? Just asking. Or is that the joke? I'm gonna say not funny. [Any-Body]

Write to Tesco
and tell them this shirt is beyond ridic.

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Nige said...

Sorry, but we just saw it and had to buy it for him.