Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sephora Thinks I Should Lose Weight...With Lip Gloss

I admit it. I'm a big sucker for beauty products. Fruity, floral, kitschy cutesy packaging, you name it. I'm like a kid in a candy shop at Sephora. In fact, I dropped a significant wad of cash there this holiday season. Oh, boy did they find a special way to say thanks for my business.

This morning I received Sephora's "Top 7 Beauty Resolutions" email. According to their list, my #3 resolution should be to lose weight with "guilt free" lip gloss. Really? Because my doctor says my weight is just fine. And I didn't spend all that time recovering from my eating disorders to go back to the place where I obsess over the number of calories in my freakin' lip gloss.

The product itself comes from Too Faced and claims to be "infused with the healthy, delicious fruit flavors and appetite curbing energy boosting ingredients found in the FUZE Slenderize beverages." Puh-lease! Sephora's website goes on about how "one delicious dab on the lips will give you a taste of what all the Hollywood starlets are losing it over! Always on the lips, never on the hips!" Did I say I'm a sucker for beauty products? Yeah, I'm not that big of a sucker.

Tell Sephora they need to revise their beauty resolutions.
Tell Too Faced why "guilt free" lip gloss is 100% sanity free.

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S.B. Silverman said...

What a ridiculous value proposition and product. I work in marketing myself, and lucky for me I have always had the plessure of working for socially responsible companies. I think the actual product is ridiculous in terms of what it is. I mean honestly if you want to loose weight go to the gym and eat an apple...make a LIFESTYLE change. The idea of some lipgloss helping me shed pounds is crazy.

Additionally, make-up seems to be about feeling special and sparkely and good. If I were at Sephora I might think about whether that ad actually accomplishes that. It may bring to light the issue of weight, which every woman has thoughts of (and unfortunately generally negative) I am not feelin so sparkely and special after that...