Thursday, January 24, 2008

"How Not to Look Old" is a Bestseller. Meanwhile, 16 People Die From Botox.

It's not such a shocker that How Not to Look Old by former Glamour beauty director Charla Krupp is a hit. Forget growing old gracefully. Ageism is a very real prejudice, and women are expected to fight tooth and nail to get rid of those gray hairs and beat back the wrinkles if they want to compete for jobs (including that title of President of the U.S. of A.) and be taken seriously in today's world.

“My book is hitting a nerve because I am giving not looking old a spin as if your life depended on it,” Ms. Krupp told The New York Times. Well, if Botox is part of your "not looking old" plan, that question of life and death is no laughing matter. Consumer advocacy group Public Citizen is now asking the FDA to include a strong warning with Botox after reviewing reports of 16 deaths related to injections. So our lives depend on looking young, but cosmetic procedures might kill us. Is it Friday yet?

"Nice Resume. Have You Considered Botox?"
"U.S. Group Seeks Botox Warning After 16 Death Reports."

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