Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fashion Week Has Issues... And That's Good News

New York Fashion Week kicks off tomorrow amid serious conversations about diversity of size, shape, and ethnicity on the runway. The buzz word is "change." And while that trend might be slow to take off, it's certainly one we're committed to following for the long haul.

CFDA Health Initiative Chair Nian Fish tells us that CFDA President Diane Von Furstenberg sent out a letter in advance of the New York shows reminding designers to follow the guidelines set out last year.

Three industry forums
have been held in New York to discuss the lack of models of color on the runway.

Newly-appointed Chairman of the British Fashion Council Harold Tillman intends to enforce strict adherence to the Model Health Inquiry's recommendations. "If the British Fashion Council weren't doing something about it I wouldn't have joined," he told The Evening Standard. London Fashion Week starts February 10th. [British Vogue]

"Real people models"
are turning up in ads and on runways in other cities. Will we see any during New York Fashion Week? Time will tell. [Newsweek]

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