Monday, December 31, 2007

2007: Our Greatest Hits

2007 marked our first year of blogging. We're still humble newbies, but here are a few of our year-end picks...

Most hotly debated post: "Has Spock Joined the Fat Acceptance Movement?"

Most viewed series of posts: "No Anorexia Campaign"

Our favorite round-up: "A Year in (Retouched) Pictures"

Best clip: "I've Had it Goin' on Since Before You Were in GrrAnimals!"

The post we wish everyone in the fashion industry would read and debate: "9 out of 10 Doctors and Fashionistas Agree..."

The post you'll be hearing more about: "Will Models Unionize?"

Finally, we must say a BIG thank you to all of our readers. We would love to know what posts struck a nerve with you this year and what topics you would like to see us cover in 2008. Or you can just say hi. We like that, too. Happy New Year, everyone!

1 comment:

The Orgo King said...

Thanks for creating such a great and important blog, you guys are awesome.
Happy New Year!
Bea Arthur for President in '08!