Thursday, December 27, 2007

If You're Looking for the Fountain of Youth, Just Splash on Some Common Sense

The New York Times' #2 most emailed story today contains a shocking revelation: you can't reverse the aging process! While many women would gladly empty their wallets for a miracle procedure, lotion, or potion that would keep them looking fresh and youthful forever, we would be much better off donating that cash to charity. Because for the billions of dollars we spend on anti-aging remedies, it's the "well, duh" stuff that actually works--and most of it is free or available for cheap at your local drugstore. So here goes...Wash your face, stop the smoking and pimple popping, wear sunscreen, get some rest, throw away your crusty old mascaras, foundations, etc. and resist the urge to pile on the products. You should also quit stressing about getting older. It's really bad for your skin. [New York Times]

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