Thursday, December 6, 2007

Action Alert: Support Mental Health Parity on Friday, December 7th

Take a few minutes to make make mental health parity a reality. Together, we can improve access to care for millions of Americans who suffer from eating disorders, addictions and mental illness.

Action: On Friday, December 7, use the toll-free Parity Hotline, 1-866-parity4 (1-866-727-4894), to call your representative and senators and leave a message urging their active support for the mental health and addiction parity legislation. (The Parity Hotline reaches the U.S. Capitol switchboard, which can connect callers to the offices of their members.)

Message: “I am calling to ask the senator/representative to not let another year go by without passing mental health and addiction parity legislation. Please work with the Leadership to pass parity now that includes the treatment of eating disorders.”

Background: S. 558, a compromise negotiated over the previous two years, passed the Senate under unanimous consent on September 18. H.R. 1424, approved by three House committees, will next go to the Rules Committee and the House Floor. We hope that the negotiations that are now underway between the House and Senate are successful in devising one compromise bill that can pass in both the Senate and House.

This session of Congress will end around December 21. If parity is not passed by then the issue will lapse over into 2008, when many expect it will be lost in an election year deadlock. With one massive grassroots telephone call-in day we hope to impress Congress with a united front that says the parity issue must not be set aside again.

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Anonymous said...

I would like something positive to come out of the tragedy that happened earlier this week in Omaha. It was so senseless. Could this have been prevented? I hope the next time it will be prevented. I will be calling. Thank you for letting me know about this.