Monday, February 25, 2008

Submit Your Questions for Jess Weiner, "The Queen of Self-Esteem"

We are thrilled to be interviewing body image expert Jess Weiner for a special podcast to celebrate BlogHer's new Letter to My Body Campaign.

Jess is the bestselling author of A Very Hungry Girl and Life Doesn't Begin 5 Pounds from Now. She is also the Global Ambassador for the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty. Do you have a question for Jess? Post it here by Thursday 5 p.m. ET and we'll do our best to include it in our interview!


Holly said...

I saw Jess Weiner on the Tyra Banks show a while back and fell in love with her then. Since then, I've been reading more and more about her and she's an insanely inspirational woman and definitely a great person to be interviewing.

Magali & Claire said...

Thanks, Holly. Jess has definitely earned her title as "The Queen of Self-Esteem!" We had a great discussion with her. Check back this week because we'll be posting the link to the podcast.