Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Beauty Myth Wednesdays: The Difference Between Men's and Women's Skin Care Prodcuts

It's Wednesday, which means we're back with more myth dispelling. This week we asked makeup artist Christopher Drummond what sets men's skin care products apart from the stuff they make for the ladies. As it turns out, the secret ingredient is a whole lot of nothing.

Christopher: It’s commonly known in the industry that many companies take a successful women’s product, re-package it, and sell it as a “men’s” line. Take Clinique as an example. The men’s and women’s moisturizer is exactly the same product. As is the bronzer and the eye crème. So the next time your boyfriend or husband says, “I’m not using that moisturizer, it’s for women," show him the ingredients and revel in the fact that you are right AGAIN….

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CynthiaC said...

I thought the only difference was the scent (if the products are scented)...women's products are sweeter smelling/more feminine while the guys' products are not.

Charlene said...

The question isn't what the difference is between men's and women's products: the question is what the difference is between expensive and very, very cheap products. The answer is, there aren't many. The main differences are usually one or two ingredients (often added to the expensive product in proportions too small to make a difference) and the scent. That's all.

So why do beauty experts recommend we use the $60 moisturizer when the $3 moisturizer is identical? And why do they recommend that we must use moisturizer at all times, given that one of the biggest beauty mistakes a person can make is to overmoisturize?

Money, of course. If you overmoisturize, your skin will flake and peel, which may make you think you need more moisturizer. It's just like harsh acne "treatments" that damage the skin and make acne worse.