Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Polly Ann Williams, Featured in HBO's "Thin" Documentay, Passes Away

Photographer and filmmaker Lauren Greenfield reports that Polly Ann Williams has passed away after lifelong struggles with eating disorders. She was 33. Polly was a former patient at the Renfrew Center and appeared in Greenfield's documentary "Thin," which was filmed there. She was also a talented photographer guided by one simple mantra: Believe. Here are Polly's words for sufferers from an HBO interview she gave at the time of the film's release:

"You are not alone in this. And it's not something that you have to do. And if you'll just take the chance... If you just find a little bit of courage, enough to say, 'Help me.' It'll save your life...and to avoid a lot of damage to yourself."

Though Polly tragically lost her own life, many others are saved when they find that bit of courage to break through the shame and silence. Her wisdom and insight will live on in those she has inspired. Donations in her memory can be made to The National Eating Disorders Association. Rest in peace, Polly.

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PalmTreeChick said...

That was nicely written. It didn't make me angry to read like much of the other stuff I'm reading online about Polly. I knew her personally and am glad you wrote something tasteful. Thank you!