Monday, March 24, 2008

Jamie Lee Curtis Goes Topless for AARP

Jamie Lee Curtis is one hot soon-to-be-senior citizen. The 49-year-old (she turns 50 this November) decided to show some skin and confront the youth-obsessed Hollywood beauty standard for the May/June cover of AARP The Magazine. "If I can challenge the old ideas about aging, I will feel more and more invigorated," Curtis said. "I feel way better now than I did when I was 20. I'm stronger, I'm smarter in every way, I'm so much less crazy than I was then."

Curtis has proven herself to be a dedicated advocate for healthy beauty and positive self-esteem. In 2002 she appeared in More magazine in her underwear to show women what she really looks like without the help of expensive lighting, retouching, and an army of makeup artists and stylists. That photo shoot was inspired by her children's book, I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem. [ABC News]


KC Elaine said...

she's such a cool woman. I love her for doing things like this.

Layla Elizabeth said...

"Jamie Lee Curtis is one hot soon-to-be-senior citizen. The 49-year-old (she turns 50 this November)......"

Uh, last time I checked the age for senior citizens it was 65 years or older.

Be credible when you blog and get your facts straight, she is only turning 50.

BTW-she may be cool, but that short greying hair has to go.

As for honoring women that bare it all, to each their own. But there is more to be said for modest beauty than all out there bling as they say in hollyweird.

What she did does not make women better or empower us it just exemplifies the fact that we see ourselves as only skin and looks, and objects for men to use.

What happened to women honoring themselves.....

This life is temporal and there is no dignity in doing what Jamie does except to get shallow accolades.

Magali & Claire said...

laya elizabeth,
You're certainly entitled to your opinion, so we are publishing your comment. However, your "she may be cool, but that short greying hair has to go" remark is out of line with our comments policy--and it also appears to be out of line with your own assertion that women shouldn't see ourselves "as only skin and looks." If you want to comment here again, please refrain from making snarky comments about appearance.

Layla Elizabeth said...

LOL! Out of line. I do not think so. First of all this post was all about looks, so it was not out of line to comment about her hair.

When one is hung up on looks as she obviously is I would think she would have been advised of a softer more attractive look that would compliment her, not detract from her. It was an observation. Obviously that is not allowed here-lol, social correctness. Ugh. sigh.....

Obviously you call observations and opinions other than the ones that share your opines snarky. Isn't that against your comment policy - I mean snarky, that is akin to name calling.

I won't demean myself by commenting here again. I have a problem with sarcastic bloggers who put on a show of "I am above others attitude."

I prefer real bloggers that call it like it is, say the truth, and are not touchy feely. People that can hang with brutal truth.

Political and social correctness is what is ruining this country and I refuse to contribute to that falsehood. I have a feeling though you are one of those that t does not bother because from your remarks you ooze social correctness, which is truly out of touch with reality.

Anyways, good luck to you and best wishes honoring women that go topless.

I think I would rather honor women like Michelle Malkin or Laura Ingraham that truly make a difference and do not have to go topless to prove their point.

Woman honor thyself........

Layla Elizabeth said...

BTW-you spelled my name wrong.

KC Elaine said...

I think her point was that as a coverwoman she refuses to be airbrushed into a fake body, that she isn't ashamed of how she looks, and she wants to show women that the bodies they typically see in magazines aren't normal.

And the grey hair is great. There's this phobia of aging in our culture that has got to go. why should she dye it (or diet)?