Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beauty Myth Wednesdays: The Retouching You Might Not Think About

Designers might use that tired old line to justify their selection of super-skinny runway models, but when it comes to clothes you see in magazines, that flawless clothes hanger effect is achieved through something entirely different--retouching.

When models wear clothes, the fabric gets wrinkled, the fit might not be exact, and if it's cold on the shoot, there's usually a little something extra that shows up in the top half of the picture. But all of that can be fixed on a computer (Of course if it's a shoot for Maxim, they'll probably leave the nipples, or retouch them to make them more prominent). Just as I've had my waist thinned, my teeth whitened, and my breasts enlarged through the magic of retouching, the clothes I've modeled have also been digitally altered. Bra straps have been erased, colors have been changed, and pants have been lengthened. Retouching isn't just for faces and bodies; it's for clothes, products and pretty much everything you see on the glossy page.

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