Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Monday: Happy Heart Princess

We're no Cute Overload, but we're going to do our best to deliver some feel good content this week because we're burned out on bad news for the moment.

How about we start with some princesses? Truth be told, princesses typically annoy us. The Disney princess-i-fication of America is pretty darn frightening, actually. But railing against the corporate plot to sell a gazillion plastic tiaras and fluffy pink princess costumes does not change the fact that so many girls (and a shocking number of grown women) want to wear them. So instead of a total ban on princesses, we're offering up an alternative: On Being a Real Princess: Secrets of the Happy Heart Princess.

This book (and accompanying line of merchandise) is based on the idea that being a princess starts with having a happy heart. Awww. Girls get to explore some positive character traits and inspiring messages such as "A real princess can think for herself and knows the difference between right and wrong" and "A real princess knows that she can always learn from her mistakes!" That sure beats "Someday my prince will come." [Happy Heart Princess]


KC Elaine said...

aww, I collect upbeat children's books, thanks for the recommendation! I agree, Disney's gone way too far.

Anonymous said...

Princess Bubble is my hero. She helps others and builds self esteem.