Tuesday, October 30, 2007

What Shall I Wear? A Fashion Game for Girls

Before Bratz Fashion Party Fever (collagen-injected little bobble heads "strutting their stuff" on the dance floor!), there was What Shall I Wear? A Fashion Game for Girls. This gem came onto the scene in 1969. I discovered it years later after some older girl decided to unload hers at a yard sale for a dollar. It was a classy game, kids. You had to make your way around the board by visiting different boutiques and collecting outfit cards that matched up with your "invitations."

Mr. and Mrs. Adams request the honor of your presence at a formal dinner in honor of Ambassador White.
Charmed, I'm sure. Get me a ball gown and gloves to match, stat! Tod Smith, the movie star, gave me tickets to the premiere of his picture. I'd like to have you come with me. Signed, Jim. Jim sounds so earnest! Wait, who's Tod Smith? Whatevs. Break out the silk and the stole! There were picnic dates and job interviews and train rides to get yourself dolled up for, too. There was even a black model on the board (nowadays they are few and far between on the runways and in fashion mags). All the ensembles were tailored, sophisticated, and not the teeniest bit slutty. I don't think I understood that the game was totally retro until I found What Shall I Be? The Exciting Game of Career Girls.

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Allison K. said...

How about Mall Madness?
Check out the old commercial...my favorite part is when the girl whips out her "credit card."