Thursday, October 18, 2007

October 18th is "Love Your Body Day"

Back in 1998, I spoke at a Times Square "Feed the Models" rally to celebrate the first annual Love Your Body Day. I'm still fighting the good fight, except these days it's in front of my computer, guzzling caffeine (I knew that espresso machine would be dangerous. Damn those little pods.) and working to meet a looming deadline. For me, this year's Love Your Body Day consisted of rocking out to GNR on the elliptical and throwing away some shoes that, despite their super hot fabulousness, tore up my feet so bad I practically needed to wrap them in gauze for a week. Hey, sometimes it doesn't take much to tell your body you care. How about you? How did you celebrate? [Love Your Body Day]

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Allison K. said...

The elliptical?! WOO!