Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thank Your Body This Thanksgiving

The holiday season can be stressful. It's also a time when many women find themselves caught up in a cycle of body bashing--I ate too much, this meal is going straight to my thighs, I'm putting myself on a serious diet when the new year rolls around...

All that negative body talk takes its toll. So this Thanksgiving, take a moment to stop the self-criticism and thank your body.

Healthy Beauty Tip
Write a letter to your body. Yep, pick up a pen and write down all the reasons you are thankful for the body you have, not the body you wish you could have. For inspiration, listen to other women read their letters and get tips from self-esteem expert Jess Weiner.

Magali's Thanksgiving Moment
"I remember my first shower in my own bathroom after I came home from the hospital with my daughter. I looked down at my body in awe. For the first time, I saw it as an incredible machine, and I realized what an astoundingly complex mystery it was to me. I thought of all those years of abuse I had put it through and how resilient it had been. What my body had accomplished was a miracle and I was proud of it. I said 'Thank you' out loud."
--excerpted from Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?

As always, we thank you for your support of our mission and for being an important part of the healthy beauty revolution! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Claire & Magali

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