Thursday, November 19, 2009

30% Off Beyond Yoga Online Purchases

One of the biggest body image dilemmas women encounter during pregnancy and after childbirth is the question of what to wear. No matter how excited you might be about the prospect of becoming a mom, outgrowing sizes can lead to a lot of appearance-related insecurity. It's not always easy to find affordable maternity wear and "transition" pieces, not to mention that saying good-bye to certain go-to wardrobe items can be an emotionally draining process.

Mourning the loss of too-small-to-squeeze-into-'em pieces and obsessing over "getting your body back" when everything else around you is moving forward can be a real drag. That's why we outlined our maternity and new mom style essentials in Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? They are all based on letting go of the idea that something is wrong with you if you don't fit into your old clothes. It's those clothes that don't fit your new life.

In the spirit of celebrating all the style possibilities that exist if we can get beyond this unhealthy fixation with prebaby bodies, we've partnered with Beyond Yoga to offer 30% off all online purchases for our readers. Just enter the code PREGGY at checkout (sale and charity items do not apply). Shop online before November 30th!

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