Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bea Arthur: A "classic" who always had it going on

My love for Bea Arthur has been well-documented. I've spent many a late night watching Golden Girls reruns and entire weekend afternoons immersed in Maude marathons. Bea was the personification of a classy dame. She played wise-cracking, take-no-B.S. characters who still seem downright progressive when you look at what's on TV these days. She knew how to deliver a punchline with a raised eyebrow and she was never afraid to go into the realm of the ridiculous for some laughs. Whoa, did she get a lot of laughs in her amazing career.

Salon's Rebecca Traister calls her "one of television's finest and funniest feminists." I agree wholeheartedly. Rest in peace, Bea. You will certainly be missed.


Jennifer said...

You are so right! I remember watching her on Maude, her role was so different than most of the roles I had seen for women. She was so strong, but not cute like Mary Tyler Moore, which I also have enjoyed. The Golden Girls had me hooked too, despite the generation gap. I miss women like that on TV and especially the truly funny but classy ones like Bea Arthur. Thanks for the post.

Missing In Sight said...

I totally agree. My heart sank when I heard she passed away. She was the best thing that happened to television. I'm addicted to Golden Girls!

Bea Arthur will be missed. It's the passing of a comic icon.

Little Lady Cakes said...

She was a great lady, wasn't she?

I'll definitely miss her.