Thursday, April 23, 2009

Blogs and Body Image: What are we teaching our kids?

Are you a member of BlogHer? We've been invited (along with some other amazing body image bloggers) to be part of a Room of Your Own panel at the upcoming conference. The topic is Blogs & Body Image: What are we teaching our kids? We would appreciate your vote so we can make this happen!

Panel speakers:

Read the full description of the panel and cast your vote here. You have to be logged into your BlogHer account to vote.


Shaping Youth said...

Sure wish I could attend, but times are tight this round. Invitation is open to 'guest blog/crosspost' if you wish...I 'voted' on BlogHer big time for this session...(a lengthy diatribe on why we need same!) Keep me posted. --Amy

Magali and Claire said...

Hey Amy,
Thanks so much for your support--and your vote!