Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miley Cyrus: Good for Girls' Body Image

Despite the whole "stripped down naked in a blanket" Vanity Fair incident, Miley Cyrus and her after-school tween TV peers appear to be setting a positive example for girls--at least when it comes to body image. According to a new study, children's shows like Hannah Montana and That's So Raven do a better job at showing a range of body types than shows for adults do.

The study found that almost half (47 percent) of the major and minor characters on these shows were of average weight, 38 percent were below average, and 15 percent above. And while this isn't a completely accurate reflection of reality, we are talking about TV here--and it's whole lot more body diversity than what we see in prime time.

The bad news is that while kids' shows are doing a better job at getting away from the stick-thin ideal, there are still plenty of tired old stereotypes about weight. The study showed that 25% of overweight characters on these shows had no friends, and black characters were three times more likely than white characters to be depicted as overweight. []


candeelady- My Tween Parenting Blog said...

I love Raven because she is a little heavy by the typical "Hollywood" standards for actressess but she is a fashion lover and designer and defends her size to anyone who questions it. This show also focuses on a variety of activities in the tweens lives, teaching morals and empathy for others and teamwork. I love it!
Hannah Montana however, depicts girls entire lives to be about shopping, chasing boys and being famous. The plots are very shallow and insulting to women

Heaven said...

Hannah Montana is an amazing show. It is humerous and good for all age levels. It's totally normal to have a crush on boys and are just because she is famous doesn't mean she is "shallow". And some people like shopping. Even Raven does. Her and Chelsea are all about shopping. Haven't you seen the shows? Hannah Montana and Thats so raven are so much alike. The suite life of Zack and that a bad show because London is 'famous'? Or because she LOVES shopping? No. it's a great show for all age levels. All disney shows/movies are great for kids. there is no sex. no drugs. no smoking. no swearing. no nothing thats bad. it's all good. On Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus doesn't exist. Miley Stewart does. Miley Cyrus and Miley Stewart are almost 2 different people in the show. And how is Hannah Montana insulting to women? You might as well say ALL disney shows are insulting to women. Because they all come from the same background. The same person. The disney stars are at a PERFECT wieght.

Anonymous said...

miley cyrus is quite thin but i think it's also her natural body shape. I have no problem with her being a tad slender than the average girl but the fact she thinks she is normal and believes people want her to loose more weight is ridiculus.

Anonymous said...

Heaven's spelling is something she needs to work on.