Monday, June 9, 2008

Fitness Model Loses Contract After Exposing His Steroid Use in 'Bigger, Stronger, Faster'

The New York Times reports that a fitness model who appeared in Bigger, Stronger, Faster has been fired for telling the truth about his own steroid use.

For the last nine years, Christian Boeving has been a model for over-the-counter dietary supplements in Iovate’s MuscleTech division. Now the company is refusing to renew his contract after Boeving admitted on camera that his insanely toned body is not just the result of powders and potions--it might also have something to do with the steroids he's been injecting since the age of sixteen.

As the film's director, Christopher Bell, points out (and demonstrates himself), the dietary supplement industry is full of Photoshop trickery and extreme behind-the-scenes behavior. Everyone knows it happens, but no one is supposed to talk about it. Boeving just learned that lesson the hard way. Take heart, big guy. After all, Kate Moss got fired when her coke habit was exposed. That rebuke only lasted a minute, though. Now she's earning more than ever before. [New York Times]

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west82nd said...

I'm a writer in the fitness industry who knows everyone involved with this film, as well as pretty much the entire industry. While I, myself, am an exercise enthusiast (I dare say "fanatic"), I'm often left agog over the degree of self-destruction that takes place in the name of building one's body. I could write a book...

Truth is, steroids are the least of what men and women in the bodybuilding/fitness community do to gain a pound here, lose a pound there. GH, insulin, diuretics, painkillers, uppers, sleep aids, overeating and water deprivation are all par for the course.

BSF does make the accurate point that the dangers of steroids are overrated. However, the bigger issue we need to be looking at is what drives people to do all these things.

BTW- I know Magali from her modeling/Fiestaware ;) days- Great job with your project! Keep educating!