Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A Royal Snarking

The royal family is swinging back after pictures of 19-year-old bikini-clad Princess Beatrice have been slammed in--where else?--The Daily Mail. "Can't someone buy that girl a sarong?" wrote Daily Mail columnist Allison Pearson. "For her sake, as well as ours." Ouch. Need an example of what bodysnarking sounds like? Well, there you have it.

Beatrice's mom, Fergie (the Duchess, not Fergalicious), endured so much weight watching in the U.K. tabloids that she signed on to be a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers--likely her own way of deflecting all the nastiness. Now she is rightfully enraged that her daughter, who battled dyslexia and recently graduated high school with top honors, is getting the same not-so-royal treatment. "Touch me, fine, but don't touch my children," she says. "This woman [referring to Pearson], I would like to go to her house, to see her family. Should we focus on her derriere?" [New York Daily News]


Vered said...

Wow. I would be enraged too. You know, whenever I see those tabloids with their cruel, nasty comments on fat, and cellulite, it just drives me crazy. It's a terrible, horrible message. I went on my own rant today about being criticized for being too thin, and I think that we see that in tabloids too - there is always criticism, and it almost always revolves around people's weight (unless it's about them aging). I don't know how we can stop the media, but I sure admire you for trying.

Anonymous said...

"Dutchess" is spelled duchess -- spell check works great!