Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Turn Beauty Inside Out Day!

Today is Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, a national initiative launched in 2000 by New Moon Magazine and coordinated by the non-profit organization Mind on the Media. This is a collaborative effort to foster participation, discussion, and awareness of girls' images in the media. Girls and boys (not to speak of women and men) need a definition of beauty that focuses on who they are and what they do, not on how they look. Here's how you can celebrate:

1. Request your free Turn Beauty Inside Out Action Kit.
2. Donate to the Turn Beauty Inside Out Campaign.
3. Know any students ages 12-16? Encourage them to enter the Turn Beauty Inside Out essay contest! Here's the essay question:

"There have been arguments that the media has portrayed/covered the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign differently because she is a woman. Do you agree with that statement? Why or Why not?"

Essays must be 500 words or less and received by June 30, 2008 via email to .
1st Prize - $200 2nd Prize - $100 3rd Prize - $50
The winning essay will be distributed nationally during the Turn Beauty Inside Out campaign. Good luck!

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