Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kendra Loves Her Pregnant Body. Now Begins the Countdown to her 'Postbaby Body' Reveal.

Former "Girl Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson is on the cover of the new issue of InTouch Weekly dishing about how much she loves her pregnant body. Now we love a celebration of the curves, but forgive our cynicism when we predict that along with that little bundle of joy, there is another cover in the making that will appear in a few months--one with bullets outlining how Kendra shed the baby weight.

Let's also pause for a retouching reality check. Forget stretch marks and cellulite, there's not even the tiniest blemish to be found on this photo! In other words, the body that Kendra feels beautiful in has surely been altered for the cover.

At the end of the day, celebrity pregnancy and new mom media coverage is filled with the same mixed messages you'll find in women's magazines that feature weight loss stories alongside tips on how to love your body. "Embrace your pregnant shape!" by looking at this digitally perfected image of a former Playmate in a bikini. "Feel sexy!" now, but it won't be long before we'll be feeding you this celebrity's "exact" diet and workout plan to help you slim down that fat ass. Stephanie, 40, expressed her frustration with this contradictory approach when we interviewed her for Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?:

"It's a strange phenomenon because some celebrities are hailed for accepting their new shapely bodies and others are bashed for not bouncing back sooner. It doesn't make sense because the tabloids constantly flip-flop between celebrating a woman's curves and condemning postpregnancy weight."

While these stories might be packaged to make us feel like we can identify with this or that A-lister or reality TV star, the real reality is that they usually end up playing into our insecurities and vulnerabilities. As if pregnancy and new motherhood aren't stressful enough.

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