Friday, August 15, 2008

What The Family Guy Can Teach Us About Jennifer Love Hewitt

After posting yesterday's rant, I sat down to watch Family Guy for some comic relief. Fittingly, the episode was called "He's Too Sexy for His Fat." Peter decides to trim down and get plastic surgery. Hilarity ensues, including this tidbit featuring a family of Eskimos saying farewell to their son as he paddles off to chase his destiny:

"My son, your place is here in the ice village. You know nothing of Hollywood and its ways."

"But Father, I have dreams and courage, and the name of an excellent cosmetic surgeon. Fear not, one day word will reach you of the success of me, the great Eskimo actor, Jennifer Love Hewitt."

Funny, Jennifer's true roots got completely left out of that Us Weekly miracle weight loss article.

Note: Newspaper Rock pointed out how this scene portrays Indians in a stereotypical light. The igloo, the ice floe. Yes, he has a point. And apparently this isn't the only episode with that problem.


Rob said...

From weight loss to Jennifer Love Hewitt to "Family Guy" to Newspaper Rock. It's a small world!

Claire said...

Indeed, worlds collide!I was happy to find your blog, Rob. You're doing important work.