Friday, April 4, 2008

Hearst Teen Launches

As this prom season approaches, Hearst is spreading some good prom karma with its new Donate My Dress website, which allows girls and women to donate formal dresses to girls who might not be able to afford new ones.

Remember how Molly Ringwald gave an old prom dress her own special 80s twist in Pretty in Pink? Well, you never know how a crafty teen might be able to transform a bridesmaid dress you'll never wear again. OR you could be extra generous and donate the stylin' dress that's been hanging untouched in your closet for longer than you can remember. There's a chance you might wear that one again. But come on, you know you probably won't. [Donate My Dress]

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Bethany said...

wow. this is a great blog. definitely worth subscribing too! I am doing a lot of art work with the focus of female body image...keep up the good work!!!!