Monday, April 21, 2008

Congratulations! It's a... Flat Tummy! And That New Baby is Kinda Cute, Too.

The obsession with celebrity mommies' "post-baby bodies" has reached new heights. Ladies and gentlemen, we submit this headline as Exhibit A: "Halle Berry's Post Pregnancy Body and Baby Nahla Debut."

That's right. The baby is no longer the star of the show. Now mommy's body is the main event. Forget those adorable munchkin cheeks and teeny tiny outfits. We want to see how teeny tiny mom is. Every freakin' new baby story includes the obligatory mention (and often it's a detailed list) of what diet and exercise regimen mommy is adhering to. Is there some kind of underground bootcamp where A-list mothers hide out from the paparazzi while they diligently prepare for their first public appearance? We know there's that whole bonding with baby thing you're supposed to do in those first few months, but whatevs. Clearly that boring story doesn't sell magazines. So get back on the treadmill, Halle. The public is itching for your big debut. [7 Confessions]