Thursday, August 16, 2007

Keira Knightley's Cocos Get Puffed

Keira Knightley appears in a new Chanel ad for Coco Mademoiselle with a little extra boobage up top. Today it is being reported that the actress admitted "those things certainly weren't mine."

This example is the latest in a string of retouching exposures that have made headlines in the last year. And this is not the first time Keira's bust has been pumped up.

In fact, Keira uttered exactly the same "certainly weren't mine" line last year when discussing the enhancement she got (which she likened to "your grandmother's droopy t***") for the 2004 King Arthur movie poster. She has long been aware that digital boob jobs are par for the course when you happen to be an A-cup A-lister. "I did one magazine and discovered that you're not actually allowed to be on a cover in the U.S. without at least a C cup because it turns people off." [Daily Mail]

UPDATE: The quote sounds exactly the same because it is exactly the same. Today's reports about Keira's Chanel confession recycled the quote from her 2006 interview. But we still think it's safe to assume that there's some boob illusion going on in the new ad, even without confirmation from the actress. [MSN]

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