Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Bumps and Skinny Jeans

Tent dresses might be the fashion trend of the summer, but women with little Juniors-to-be camping out under that extra fabric just want to get back in their skinny jeans. Or so says Meredith Nash, an Australian researcher who is exploring how the celebrity bump watch phenomenon is affecting pregnant women and new moms.

"Every single woman in my study mentioned that getting back into her jeans was a primary goal," says Nash. She has also found that subjects who regularly read tabloids are more likely to describe themselves as "fat" than those who do not follow celebrity culture, and feel heightened pressure to lose their baby weight quickly after delivery. [The Baby Bump Project] [The Globe and Daily Mail]

Hmmm, where is all that pressure coming from, we wonder?

"In four months, I’ve lost almost all my baby weight. I’m feeling really good. I just got back into my regular jeans yesterday.”
--Tori Spelling [Access Hollywood]

Bonus: Check out the video, where Access correspondent Maria Menounos suggests that Tori should sign on to do "Dancing With the Stars" after her second baby because it would be a good way to (what else?) lose weight. Is Tori being bump stalked for #2 already? Jeez, give an innkeeper a break already.

Mom Jeans: Heidi Klum-Style

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