Monday, September 21, 2009

Halle Berry Reacts to "Bump Watch" on Jay Leno

For weeks, the tabloids have been speculating that Halle Berry is pregnant. Her crime? Apparently the wearing of loose-fitting sundresses in L.A. (where the average temperature these days is about 85 degrees) is a big no-no. An A-lister who is not constantly showing off her perfectly slim and trim body MUST be pregnant, right? Wrong. Halle went on Jay Leno's show last week to put a stop to the chatter the Hollywood way: she wore a teeny tiny dress with no room for any lumps, let alone bumps. "All these pregnancy rumors can be put to bed," she declared. "I was getting a complex. I was like, I gotta stop with the burgers or something!"

If tabloids can make Halle Berry feel like there's something wrong with her body, let's reflect for a moment on how those messages make the rest of us feel. Here's what one new mom told us when we interviewed her for Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat?:

"If the bump isn't big enough the celebrities are starving themselves, but if it's too big they're pigging out. And of course, they're failures if they're not in a bikini six days after giving birth. If women aren't allowed to have even a millimeter of fat on their bodies in pregnancy and postpregnancy, then it's like we're not allowed to be human." --Mara, 35

What do you think about Hollywood's fixation with "bump watch"? How does it affect you?

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