Monday, March 9, 2009

Forever 21 Launches Plus-Size Line (and Forces Model to Wear an Embarrassing Hipster Headband)

Forever 21 has announced plans to launch a line of clothes in larger sizes, which will be in stores starting May 1st. The line is called Faith 21 (Hmmm, any connection to the bible verse printed on all their bags?) and will offer dresses and separates in size XL, 1X and 2X, and denim in up to a 34 (equivalent to size 14/16, which is hardly "plus" and more like "average").

The big question will be if F21 manages to pull off good fit with recession-friendly affordability. We're seeking some roving reporters who can give us the scoop on whether these "Faith" pieces are actually wearable. Drop us a line if you're interested. We promise we won't make you dress up like Pocahontas.


Rachel said...

Plus-size? Hardly. Their line only goes up to a 2X, which would otherwise be a size 16/18 or so in mainstream lines. PLus-size generally starts at a size 14, so there's not much leeway here.

I read the name of the line more so as "Faith" that you will eventually be "Forever 21." What Bible verse is printed on the bags?

Magali and Claire said...

Yeah, the term "plus-size" is really irksome in general, and especially in this case for exactly the reason you pointed out.

The Bible verse is John 3:16 and it's printed on the bottom of every bag. Here's more about that.