Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The ALA's Amelia Bloomer List: Empowering Books for Girls

Each year the Feminist Task Force of the American Library Association compiles The Amelia Bloomer List, a list of books that celebrate the strengths of girls and women. I was thrilled to learn that my book, You're Amazing, is one of their 2009 selections!

You can see the full list here. It includes fiction and non-fiction recommendations for early readers, middle readers and young adults.


Shaping Youth said...

Congratulations, Claire! You deserve it! Ironically, I'm writing a chapter in a book for Dr. Robyn right now mentioning your inspirational work as part of our Shaping Youth 'counter-marketing tactics' to turn this tanker around! Way to go! --Amy J.

"When we lose twenty pounds... we may be losing the twenty best pounds we have! We may be losing the pounds that contain our genius, our humanity, our love and honesty." ~Woody Allen

Blacktating said...

Congratulations! I'll be at the Amelia Bloomer breakfast at ALA this year. Will you be there? I am excited that they are raffling off all of the books.

Claire said...

Thanks, Amy! I appreciate the mention in the book. Looking forward to seeing it!

Blacktating, thanks for the congrats. That's great you'll be at the breakfast! I'm not sure yet if I'll be at ALA this year, but will definitely let you know if I go.