Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Moms-to-Be and New Moms: Guess Who Thinks You're a Bunch of Fatsos?

Via Glossed Over comes this gem. According to Glamour, JLo's "new" body is smokin' hot. The old one? Well, clearly carrying twins packs on the pounds.

Wow--giving birth makes you skinnier! It's the biggest diet scoop of the century! But before you get too excited, we must warn you that childbirth alone will not do the trick. Nor will a chef, a personal trainer or the nanny who watches your newborn while you work out for two hours a day. You'll need some retouching, too.

Despite her best efforts, Jessica Alba's real-life post-baby body was just not trim enough for this new Campari campaign. Digital makeover, activate! Form of Sexy Mom!
Let's review:
1. Pregnancy now counts as a weight loss "before"
2. Even Hollywood's slimmest moms can't achieve an "after" that meets advertising standards.

There is just no way to win this game, is there? We call foul. What's your take on all the pregnancy fat talk and the post-baby body fakery?

[Glossed Over] and [Jezebel]


Bobbie said...

Great post! It's such a trip to have a baby and feel "fat" for a year. It's sad that our culture doesn't value mature women more. My French girlfriend said to me post-baby, "Wow, now you are twice as sexy - a real woman!" It was so refreshing.

Claire Mysko said...

Hi Bobbie, The French know a thing or two. ;) Unfortunately, our culture is completely obsessed with "getting your pre-baby body back." It puts so much pressure on women and it sets up this idea that we SHOULD go back. Our bodies change throughout our lives. If we could find a way to celebrate that fact instead of fighting it, I think we would all be a lot happier!

Bagelsan said...

I like the non-human-primate views on this. The cute young females get passed over asap for the older females who've had a few babies and show it. Apparently the males, who want to pass on their genes, are eager to try it with someone who's proven to be good at what she does. :D

That's what I don't get about *not* liking how women look when they're pregnant. Is there anything more gut-level classically/biologically female/"feminine" than carrying a baby?

Anonymous said...

This definitely irks me, when I see magazines calling women's pregnancy bodies "before". Of course it's bigger- they are carrying a child!

Down Comforter said...

Thanks for the reality check! Makes one wonder what an entire magazine full of un-touched-up photos would look like.

Tara said...

That pic of Jessica Alba is just amazing!
she is totally gorgeous anyway, why in the name of everthing that is holy do they feel the need to 'perfect' it?

I really hate the way the media really praises up famous women for 'getting back into their skinny jeans' mere weeks after giving birth.
It's like it's medal worthy or something and gives such a bad impression to us 'normal' mothers.