Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Quick Ones

In honor of "Love Yourself Up" week, Claire did an interview over at U.K. teen queen author Lisa Clark's blog, Pink World. Check it out.

We are all over Facebook these days. You can become a fan of 5 Resolutions, Claire's book, and join our group if you haven't already. Okay, okay, we promise not to challenge you to Scrabulous.


Melissa said...

This week for "Love Yourself Up" week, I went out and bought Laura Banks and Janette Barber's book, "Embracing Your Big Fat Ass". Loving yourself exactly as you are. Laughter is the best medicine. These are the basics implemented in this very empowering book.

Lu said...

claire is awesome. i am going to get her book for all the girls in my life.