Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dove Launches "Reality Diaries" Series

As part of its Self-Esteem Fund, Dove has just released Reality Diaries, a six-week web series following four teen girls:

Sydney has a mom whose idea of bonding is a trip to the plastic surgeon's office for a mother/daughter neck lift and nose job.

Chelsea is a pageant girl who doesn't know much about herself except that she never feels pretty enough or thin enough.

Jordyn dates players, including one guy who told her he only likes girls with dark hair. So she dyed hers. She says she's always wearing a mask when she interacts with other people.

Irene is the only Asian girl in her school and she's starting to wake up to the fact that the "cute" names her classmates call her ("China," "Spicy Asian Won Ton") are actually pretty racist.

Reality television has long been built on the issues of young women with low self-esteem. From The Bachelor and The Real World to Rock of Love and The Hills, Americans are used to seeing weepy girls self-destruct and make terrible choices in front of the camera. The difference here is that the goal of Reality Diaries is to stop the girls from self-destructing and to give viewers (who will sadly but surely relate to these girls) the tools to get their self-esteem in check, too. Watch it and tell us what you think.

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Connie said...

I hope they air that show here in the Philippines. The whole world needs a new approach to reality TV.