Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Girls Know What Girls Want

Calling all advertisers: Want to know what girls really think of your ads? Consult 3iYing. This "all-girl" agency has asked hundreds of teens and twenty-something young women to give their honest opinions about why most advertising completely misses the mark (and pisses off the target consumers in the process).

In a series of video and photo flips, girls take on the advertising industry and tell it like it is.

Maayan, 17, has a message for Godiva:

And Maria, 19, has some choice words for Close Up toothpaste:

The girls of the 3iYing also authored the "Girl Improved" column in Business Week, offering their take on the most common advertising mistakes and how to fix them. So now it's your turn. What ads would you flip?

[You Tube and Flickr] via [Jezebel]

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