Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fashion Statement: Jeffrey Kolsrud, Q Models

From an Agent's Point of View
By Jeffrey Kolsrud
Q Model Management
New York-Los Angeles

In a business based on youth and beauty, we, as responsible people in the industry, need to do just that--BE RESPONSIBLE!

When consumers see a model, they see a finished product--an illusion of perfection in a magazine. Advertisers strive for excellence in the images they create to sell their products, and through a team of professionals that goal is achieved.

On the inside of the business, we see the models as the young people they are. We get to know them and they become like extended family. We need to remember that we have a responsibility to the models we represent. If one of your girls or guys is showing signs that she/he might be in trouble-do something! If you don't know the signs or what to say, please check out the links and numbers below. Once you are informed, it's easier to spot the warning signs and reach out.

Don't turn your back on these signs and on the models who are entrusting you with their careers. Be responsible. Just do it.

Get information, support, and referrals:
Eating Disorders
The National Eating Disorders Association
call 1-800-931-2237

Drug and Alcohol Abuse
Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services
call 1-800-662-4357

Submit your own Fashion Statment. 5resolutions[at]insidebeauty[dot]org

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